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With three ponds, there’s always plenty of water.   We love to watch the birds from our kitchen window, gobbling up the berries during the winter.  While the chaffinches, robins, dunnocks, thrushes, blackbirds and wagtails like to feed with their feet on the ground, the tit family like to cling, and sparrows and greenfinches like to perch.
The feeders have perches and a dish to keep the ground feeders happy, so they can stand and be comfortable having their feast.  There’s always plenty of seed knocked down to the ground and there’s often an array of birds both on the feeders and gobbling up the dropped seed on the grass. 

We’ve tried to create the garden so birds can thrive all year round

 In the autumn, the ivy covering the dry stone wall attracts many insects giving the robins and wrens a good feast.   Over the winter, birds love to gobble up the colourful berries on the Cotoneaster, Pyracantha and Berberis.
In the spring the birds can be seen gathering worms in the garden and flying to the trees to feed their fledglings.  It’s not too long before the younger birds now larger than their parents are learning to fend for themselves. 

Grey wagtail dance…

While having an afternon coffee in the summerhouse, a pair of Grey wagtails came down to the pond, and performed a mating dance, the male serenading the female and swooping down low, in and out of the running water.   We sat mesmerised for more than half an hour, and sadly no camera to hand!

The feeders on the pergola attract tiny birds with their safe internal seed cage

While we’re not ‘twitchers’, we like to capture the birds on camera and then look them up in our various bird books to identify.  We often get them wrong, so if they’re labelled wrong here, please do let us know.
Blackbird Pied Wagtail Siskin Chaffinch
Willow Warbler Blue tits Grey Wagtail Greenfinch Great tit Songthrush The Willow warbler is recognisable by its pinkish legs and loves to hide amongst the honeysuckle.
Starling Siskin Robin Meadow Pipit Coal tit Chaffinch
Blackbird Robin Tree Sparrow Greenfinch