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Making Dallas Marmalade

Shopping 2 lemons
The first time I made marmalade was with my friend Patsy who runs her home as a B&B at Strathypoint.  Patsy shared her friend Dallas’s recipe who would now be over 100 years. Dallas was in her 90’s when she gave Patsy her recipe, so I figure it’s truly tried and tested!
Method: 1. Cut fruit into halves. 2. Squeeze juice. 3. Remove orange & pith. 4. Place both in a muslin bag over a bowl with 1pint water. 5. Leave to soak o’night. 6. Finely chop the peel and place in a pan with 7 pints water, leave to soak o’night. 7. Add muslin bag & juice to the pan and boil for 1 hour. 8. Add sugar and stir until all disolved. 9. Simmer for 2.5 hours. 10. Remove muslin bag and squeeze to release pectin.   Add to pan. 11. Bring pan back to boil, for about 20 minutes. 12. Add knob of butter to form a skim. 13. Remove skim with a metal spoon. 14. Test for setting, place a plate in the freezer. 15. Add teaspoons of marmalde to cold plate. 16. Push finger through, if the lines remain, marmalade is ready. 17. Leave to cool a little. 18. Pour marmalade into warmed sterilised jars, seal and store in a cool dark place. 19. Enjoy within 1 year.
2 sweet oranges
4lb Sev.oranges
 8lb sugar

Enjoy on hot buttered toast, or use some to bake a Whisky Marmalade Cake !